Typical Cases of Premature Service Failure – Its Causes & Remedies

Cause Remedy
Constant Slip Re-tension the drive until belt stops slipping
Misalignment Realign Sheaves
Worn Sheaves Replace with new Sheaves
Incorrect Belt Replace sheaves with new correct belt

Cause Remedy
Belt slipping under starting or stalling load Replace belt and tighten drive until slipping stops
Worn Sheaves Replace Sheaves

Cause Remedy
Belt slipping, causing heat built-up & gradual hardening of base rubber compound Install new belt tension to prevent slip.
Idler installed on wrong side of the belt Change the position of the idler
Improper Storage Improve the storage condition.

Cause Remedy
Foreign materials in grooves Remove materials/ shield drive
Misaligned sheaves Realign the drive.
Worn sheave grooves Replace sheaves
Tensile member broken through improper installation Replace with new belts
Incorrectly aligned idler pulley Carefully align idler. Check alignment with drive loaded & unloaded.

Cause Remedy
Extreme shock load Remove cause of shock
Belt coming out of the drive Check drive alignment, foreign material in drive. Ensure proper tension & drive alignment.