Tensile Testing Machine

Manufacturing of all types of Belts for the Industrial, Automobile, Agricultural machines and special applications purposes undertaken in our unit. The Products and process innovation are our added strength.

Facilitation of Quality:
Committed process improvement and focus towards the organization’s goal is systematized thus adhering with ISO 9001 Standard.

Storage Environment For Better Perfomance
Belt should be stored in a cool dry place out of the direct sunlight at ambient temperatures preferably below 30 degree celsius. Belt should not be stored on the floor or near windows, radiators or airfllow from heaters. Some fibres used in strength members of belts are subject to shrinkage in storage, the amount depending on temeperature, relavtive humidity and storage time.

During storage avoid excess weight on and distortion of belts. When hung on pegs, the longer belts should be coiled so that the loops are not greater than approximately 2500 mm in circumference. Pegs should be crescent shaped and larger enough to avoid compression set from corners or from acute bends of the belt.

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